Kitchen Towels

Yarn Dyed - Bleached - Sanforized - Fabric Treatment 

  • Yarn Dyed
  • Bleached
  • Sanforized
  • Calendar Fabric
  • Fabric Treatment
  • Finishing 
  • Running Size: 45x65cm, 50x70cm, 45x75cm, 50x80cm, 50x76cm 47x78cm
  • Running Weight: 60gram, 70gram, 80gram, 90gram, 100gram, 120gram, 135gram, 180gram, 
  • Stitching: Ribbon other side hemmed + 4 Side with Hanger Double Label 
  • Packing: 6pc Rolled Pack, 12pc Rolled Pack, 10pc 12pc 25pc 50pc poly bag pack
  • Luxury Packing with Hanger Card and master packed also then Carton pack
  • Bale Pack

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